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Identifying Victims

Some victims don’t know — or believe — they need help.

Still, it’s important to identify the warning signs and know what to do next.

Making the Call

If you genuinely believe you may be witnessing trafficking or have encountered a victim of trafficking, contact the Tennessee Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-855-55-TNHTH.

Who answers the hotline?

The calls are answered by specially-trained professionals who collect information and provide referral services.

Callers who need foreign language translation will be connected with a government-sponsored national trafficking hotline operated by the Polaris Project.

Who should call?

The hotline is for anyone who is a victim or potential victim of human trafficking, for people who believe they may have information about possible human trafficking, and for citizens who want to know more about human trafficking in Tennessee.

I’m worried about my privacy.

All calls made to the hotline, the content of the conversation, and the telephone number from which the call was made are confidential, is not an open public record, and not available for public inspection except by order of a court of competent jurisdiction when necessary in a pending criminal investigation.

Helping Victims Become Survivors

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has Agents dedicated to investigating cases of human trafficking. Information passed through the state’s hotline is shared and an Agent will begin work, not only to investigate the potential crime, but connect the victim with vital services to begin the process of restoration. Sometimes, it’s drug treatment. Sometimes, it’s temporary housing. Every victim brings a unique set of circumstances and struggles to address.

That’s why the partnership between the TBI, other state agencies, and the nonprofit community is vital. The availability of resources for victims continues to increase, as does our state’s ability to provide meaningful, wraparound services to help victims take their first brave steps toward restoration.

There is no easy fix for survivors and the path toward freedom is often a long one. Our state’s network of service providers and nonprofits works to bring long-term consistency to the process.

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