The message of ITHasToStop is only as strong as the number of Tennesseans who know about it.

Use your voice to make a difference in our state’s ongoing fight, because even small things can make a difference.


Human trafficking is a demand-driven crime. It’s supply and demand. If there weren’t a demand for women and girls for sex, there wouldn’t be a supply.

It’s time for men to stand up.

Several years ago, Shared Hope International, a leading national nonprofit in the fight against human trafficking, launched an initiative known as The Defenders, which aims to address demand through resources and information targeting men.

From The Defenders website:
The Defenders are men who have come to understand the marketplace of commercial sexual exploitation. We are committed to doing everything in our power to stop that exploitation. At the core of our existence is the Defenders Pledge, where we commit our lives to bringing dignity, honor, and respect to women and children. Out of that flow our other initiatives which exist to show women that we care, hold other men accountable, and working to end the demand for this destructive market.


You have the ability to spread the message of ITHasToStop like few others!

In recent years, groups of students on campuses across the country have rallied around the need to address human trafficking in this generation, through awareness and action. That’s why we’ve launched #ITCouldBeMe.

Need More Information?

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