New Effort Offering Crisis Text Support For Tennessee’s Trafficking Victims

As part of an overall effort to increase vital services for those in crisis, the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network and Crisis Text Line, announced a new partnership in February 2017 to enhance crisis support options for anyone in the state, including victims of human trafficking.

“Not everyone in crisis is comfortable verbalizing their problems or talking to relative strangers on the phone. Meanwhile, many teens and young adults — a high-suicide-risk population group — use their phones for texting instead of talking,” said Scott Ridgway, TSPN’s Executive Director. “The Crisis Text Line offers an alternative means of contact for people who might not reach out for help otherwise.”

Those in Tennessee can text “TN” to 741741 and connect with a trained crisis counselor to receive support and referrals on a host of topics, ranging from suicidal thoughts and depression, to eating disorders and human trafficking.

“We are psyched to partner with TSPN to bring Crisis Text Line to Tennesseans in pain. Our Tennessee-specific data trends will help TSPN continue to develop policies to save even more lives,” said Nancy Lublin, Founder and CEO, Crisis Text Line.


More information about the Crisis Text Line is available via their website at

ITHasToStop Featured In Statewide Billboard Campaign

Drivers on major roads across Tennessee will see a set of new billboards as part of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s efforts to address the issue of human trafficking.

The billboards, part of the ongoing ITHasToStop campaign, were designed to encourage people to visit to learn more about the crime of trafficking and how it impacts Tennessee, along with the warning signs, the state’s laws, and how to help in the fight against it. This is the second year the TBI has embarked on an electronic billboard campaign in its effort to educate the public about this issue.

“Human trafficking is modern-day slavery, it’s unacceptable, and it’s a crime in Tennessee,” said TBI Director Mark Gwyn. “We hope TBI’s public awareness campaign continues to shed some much-needed light on the issue, so we can increase the number of people who insist it has to stop in our state and beyond.”

The billboards, funded by a grant from the State of Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs, will be posted in a variety of places through at least June 2017.

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